Low cost data center IT Saray

Introducing the first low cost data center in Russia. It is called IT Saray. The data center was founded in 2008.

We offer:

1. Colocation of your servers and other equipment. We provide garanteed Internet channels to connect your servers to the Internet. To check our prices for the services please click here.

2. VPS and bare metal servers to rent. Garanteed Internet channels are provided as well. To check our standard configurations please click here.

3. You can order an Ethernet connection between your server and most ISP networks in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Please find the full data center description and a 3D panorama of one of our facilities here - About IT Saray.
Feel free to drop us a line to ask or offer something in Contacts section. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Low cost data center IT Saray
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