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Currently, there is rapid growth in the Russian part of the Internet, namely the increase of the Russian-language information and entertainment websites, online stores, etc. Every major internet project eventually located and runs on multiple servers. To ensure a 24/7 access to any Internet user project should place these servers in a special room - the data center - to have sufficient electric power and high-speed internet connection.

The main features of our data center are:

  • Power system with two inputs from different substations.
  • Diesel generator with automatic start.
  • Guaranteed supply of client server (via UPS).
  • Industrial air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Grounding circuit.
  • 24/7 security and access control.
  • The building with plenty of space.
  • Own fiber-optic links to the Internet n * 10 Gbit/s.
  • Proper fiber optic channels in the traffic exchange points.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg there are a lot of data centers, satisfying the above description. But most have one big disadvantage - high prices.

We launched the first low cost data center. Our main principle: the necessary set of services forminimum price.

Low cost data center IT Saray
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